Un couple gay et joyeux pour de la bonne humeur

Jamais l'un sans l'autre !

C’est bien connu, dans un couple, faire les choses ensemble, c’est stimulant !

Donc être sexy et poser avec son conjoint, sexy aussi, c’est le pied assuré. Pour eux, comme pour nous, le plaisir est là. A la piscine, au réveil, à la salle de sport, ou en solo (quand même, c’est important aussi), les deux jolis garçons nous font vivre leur quotidien. Mention spéciale à leurs photos de bisous ou de mariage, car ils s’assument pleinement et fièrement. Rien à dire, en plus d’être canons, ils sont une bonne dose de bonne humeur. Rien de tel pour bien commencer la journée !

This guy right here has made my life a movie in such a good, romantic and challenging way. We are insanely in love with each other, and no one can ever compare to him or our love. Together we have had an insanely unstoppable love/relationship that words or actions can't even begin to describe how we feel towards each other, with just a look in the eye, we can see through. Yes, we all go through hardships, no one is perfect, every single person has their issues, their own battles they face everyday but we choose to work together and not focus on the negative but focusing on how to make bad situations/arguments better so that next time we won't have to deal with the same issue, even when we're so mad at each other, don't even last 5 mins because we find that redeeming quality that just works for us, and the next minute we start talking about the socks I got that are so comfy. Even though we are temporary away from each other, it makes us even stronger and work harder for our future together. I am so very proud of you and the things you're doing to make US a more successful and more loving couple. I love you @montanavolby

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#AfterShowerSelfie wish everyone a productive beautiful day! 😃🌤 😌

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