Gavons-nous de jolies photos

Un homme au poil !

Avec Gavin, on ne se dit pas que nous sommes gavés de ses clichés

Il est difficile de se lasser d’un mec beau. Surtout lorsqu’il est en photo, et qu’il nous offre un large choix de poses. Alors comment refuser de se laisser aller à regarder quand on nous l’offre ? Si vous aimez les jolis garçons légèrement velus, il est parfait pour vous. Avec ses cheveux en folie et ses tenues rarement complètes, tout va vous faire chavirer chez lui.

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Well, you know where to find me….

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My scattered 3am thoughts: I think a lot about myself and surely there is a healthy and unhealthy version of narcissism. Lately, I have been reflecting on what I'm doing with my life and the things that move me. I cried today over a NPR story about black students, desegregation, and school districts. When did I become someone who's heart breaks over educational injustices? I was surprised by my own tears, while listening to stories of fear and inequality. Back when the "Black Lives Matter" movement began, I didn't know I would be so impassioned. There's a lot of things I didn't (don't) know. I didn't know that not noticing my white privilege was a perk of white privilege, but it's as if a veil has been lifted from my cozy actor/model/White comfort zone and I'm having to face some hard facts. I'm left with so many thoughts in my introspection. What place do I find in all of this? What is my role? What can I do to make a difference? Does it start by lending my voice and saying I'm am ally? Am I capable of being a voice for those unheard? I'm a total feminist and believe in treating all equal. I get offended sometimes by gender and race differentiation… but I think that's easy for a white, American, male to do. To try to pretend we are all the same. To believe we are equal. But we aren't. Not that we shouldn't be, but the world and circumstance keeps us in our "place." Some escape the system, most don't. There's a new version of apathy in our time. It's pretending racism is over. I've been guilty of rolling my eyes and saying "this is not a race issue" when it's totally a race issue. I've been faced with the thought that what I'm doing with my life doesn't matter. This provokes anxiety, which leads to rebellion that usually manifests as complacency. Instead of doing something about the feeling "I'm wasting my life", I sit in a coffee shop and scroll through social media. I want my life to matter, but not because I want to leave a mark or leave a legacy. Fuck that. I want to do something with my life because it will make someone else's human experience easier, more filled with love, more filled with joy. I don't want my life to matter, I want it to be useful.

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