Un vrai gentil bad boy

Méfiez-vous des apparences

On a beau avoir toute la panoplie pour faire peur, mais ce n’est pas forcément le cas

Matthew peut, aux premiers abords, nous faire penser à un mauvais garçon. Mais en vrai, c’est une crème. Son but dans la vie ? Éradiquer le mensonge. C’est un amoureux de la vérité. Forcément, sa barbe est vraie, tout comme ses tatouages et ses muscles. Le tout est assez imposant, d’autant qu’il a un regard sombre assez fort. M’enfin, comme dit la célèbre voix, méfiez-vous des apparences.

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This week has been relentless. Today a truck swiped the side of my car, on the highway, in the middle of rush hour. And what could have been a tragedy, ended in an epiphany instead. I am safe. My car may be a little beat up but I am safe. My week may have been a little tough but I am safe. Anxiety makes me feel like I’m treading water every minute of the day but I am safe. I woke up today. And for that, I am thankful. Tomorrow I shoot with @furiousfotog – a day I have been waiting for since the start of my modeling career. So, to all of the anxious thoughts that just won’t quit, and to all of the negative energy that has been attempting to break me, to all of that I say FUCK YOU. I have a pen out and I’m listing every single thing I am grateful for, from my first breath in the morning to a hot shower at night, to my amazing friendships that are few and far between, to a boyfriend that calms me down just by the sound of his voice. I. AM. BLESSED. None of us are victims of life, we are victors. I choose to fight.

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