Boys ! Boys ! Boys !, photography tells the contemporary gay story

Boys ! Boys ! Boys !
© Lulu Delafalaise

Released in June, the photo-book, Boys! Boys Boys !, traces the history of the contemporary gay-male community. Between virility, cult of the body and femininity, he scrutinizes all the faults of the man and his attitude around photographs in color and in black and white. A way to continue the commitment in favor of the community and to highlight it in France and in the world. The funds will be donated to the Elton John Foundation, which advocates for the rights of people living with HIV. Ghislain Pascal, owner of the Little Black Gallery in London and author of the book, goes behind the scenes of this militant project.

Under what circumstances did you participate in this project? 

I started Boys ! Boys ! Boys ! three years ago to promote queer and gay photography. As part of a partnership with Paddle8, the online auction house, we have organized five auctions. 

They then turned into exhibitions in London, Amsterdam and Cologne, and works like the new edition. And, we’ve also launched a new dedicated online art platform to promote over 50 photographers from over 21 countries. 

Did your participation respond to a request or did you offer your services on your own?

© Aurélien Nobécourt Arras

All of the photographers in the book are people we’ve worked with for the past two or three years. So I’m happy that we can reward the photographers who work with us by producing such an amazing art book with their stunning images.

Was it your first project? If not, what are the previous ones?

This is actually the second book. The first one we self-published in 2018 sold well. 


This is the first with an international publisher. It will be distributed worldwide and available in all good bookstores and online. This way, many more people will see it.

In the construction of the work,does the place of each image correspond to a certain artistic logic?

Designing and sequencing a book is like hanging an exhibit – it has to work visually. Then yes. It’s an art form in itself, so yes.

You are also a gallery owner. Do you have plans for a photo exhibition if you still haven’t submitted it?

We had exhibition plans for it in Oslo, Berlin and New York this year. But, they were all canceled because of the coronavirus. Hopefully these will resume in 2021 but for now we are hosting everything online at

Boys ! Boys ! Boys !
© Brice Hardelin

In the book you illustrate a wide variety ofpeople LGBTQI +and different countries: white men, fetishists, black men, drag queens, etc. Do you think you have represented the wholecommunity LGBTQI +and also the wholecommunity LGBTQI +in the world?

It is a project to promote queer and gay photography as the fine art. In this way, each image must be seen through the prism of fine art photography. 

I try to represent our whole community and not my personal taste. I am very proud that we now have photographers from over 22 countries including China, India, Iran, Poland, Russia and Turkey. In those countries, gay rights are repressed and queer lives under constant threat.

Are you ultimately proud of the work you did for the project? 

Yes. It’s a really important project to support so many great photographers. With, we now have our own dedicated platform that we can continue to develop. There is nothing else like it.

Boys ! Boys ! Boys !
© Stuart Sandford

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You can buy the book on the eponym website. All the royalties of the book will be distributed to Elton John AIDS Foundation.