The Man of the week: Onicks, Singer

© Nathan Noyes

Performer, model… Since his earliest childhood, the artist Onicks has always known that he was predestined for a musical career, then in fashion. At the rate of these two passions, the icon was able to build itself and freely express who it is, in particular its fluidity. Today Onicks is an accomplished singer and continues to share his personality through his songs and his shots. For Garçon Magazine, he looks back on his career. 

At the beginning of your musical career, you expressed the femininity, the obscurity and the animal in you, in « Double Dose » and in « Manimal ». Nine years later, with « High », you have become more masculine, even though you still express your femininity. How do you explain your evolution, Onicks?

I’ve always thought of myself as a sort of « visual chameleon ». Change in appearance forever as I grow older. Currently and in my new job, I feel very secure in my masculinity / femininity. 

I want my fans to know that they don’t have to CHOOSE. You can express yourself however you want. Always. Don’t compromise this for anyone or anything. 

Did you ever know you would make a career in music?

-Absolutely! When I daydream, it’s about my career. When I’m alone, I write music. I always wanted to be a star. Not just for the fame … 

I want to create music and visuals that will speak to my fans like other artists have spoken to me. Music changes lives and I have a lot to say. 

© Nathan Noyes

You create a whole visual universe in your music videos. How do you find such inspiration? 

Years ago, I decided to never hold my imagination back, no matter how fucked up or dark it got. Since then, it has allowed me to create vivid and thematic visuals. 


I constantly write down any random / weird ideas that come to my mind and feel blessed to have the most accepting people in my life. They all fuel my unorthodox mindset. 

Are you inspired by a singer or an artistic movement for your music?

I am constantly inspired by so many artists and movements. I’ve studied Lana Del Ray’s writing style since the start of her career and it really resonated with me. 

More recently, the Black Lives Matter movement has also inspired me. So I wrote a few new songs about being strong and unapologetic about who you are and what you want. I am really happy to share everything I have soon!

© Malaika

Are your music and modeling a way to act in favor of the LGBTQIA + community?

Yes. This community has given me so much freedom and love! I feel most at home there. For this reason, I will always create in his favor. After that, there are many other communities that I feel close to and I am happy to represent them as well.  

Do you have other musical projects, like modeling?

While in lockdown, we started working on the biggest project of my career to date. I am blown away by this one and there are so many diverse / talented people involved. I will be leaving subtle clues very soon. 

© Normandy Europa

One thing to know about Onicks: Where does its name come from?

“My grandmother and I were very close and her favorite stone was the black Onyx. I loved the word onyx so I rewrote it to look more like a name than stone. It means a lot to me. ”

Discover Onick on his Youtube channel, his website et on Instagram.