Find your gay competitor

Find your gay competitor, the app that unites in sport

Find your gay competitor

Find your gay competitor (FYGC) through sport was launched last June, thanks to two friends, George Kardaras and Lambros Kostapappas. In the space of four months, the app has been well received by LGBTQI + athletes, professional or not. Today, it is available on IOS and Android in all countries of the world. The creators tell us more. 

Why did you choose to name the app “Find Your Gay Competitor”?

Sport is fun, fair play and making new friends. But it’s also about exercising, training, finding your limits and finally competition. LGBT + athletes shouldn’t be afraid of competing and showing off their skills. The application takes into account the coming out of each athlete (pro or amateur) because he / she / they is a competitor, a model for the LGBT + community. 

The word « gay » in our app name represents the entire LGBT + community. In the new beta you will have the option to define yourself in your profile as a male, female or diverse athlete.

How did the idea for the app come about?

The idea was born at TEL AVIV during the 2019 Games where George was participating as a swimmer for Greece. Walking around the city he saw people jogging and wished he could find a local LGBT + companion to jog and see the city as well. 

He spoke with Lampros about the need for a solution where LGBT + people could find other LGBT + people to exercise together without fear of being bullied. And, they both designed a mobile app to solve this problem. 

Did this project answer to a request from LGBTQI + people in sport, professional or not?

For several reasons, yes. For containment, we realized a great need to continue to play sports. As gymnasiums and outdoor facilities have been closed, we have adjusted our mobile app solution to provide a safe “place” where LGBT + people find their sports partner and continue their workouts. 

We decided that in addition to helping individuals, our app FYGC could be an aggregator to unite gay or gay friendly sports clubs and personal trainers. That way we can help them find members and clients and develop their potential. 

Does FYGC only focus on online conversations? Where are events organized?

For the moment  FYGC is dedicated to individuals, users can find out about LGBTQI + sports news. But, sports clubs and personal trainers will soon be included. As a result, users will have the option to choose from individual sports partners, sports clubs or find a personal trainer. 


We don’t run events, but through our “Sports Calendar” LGBT + sports clubs and organizations can let users know about their upcoming events. Of course, a chat is included, in order to plan your training. 

What future do you see for FYGC?

We are going to implement the “Sports Calendar” feature, in order to sort matches and events by type of sport, location, etc. 

In addition, we are planning to add new sports categories. We will also include a Male / Female / diverse filter and a Sport Club category.

Finally, do you have a message to encourage LGBTQI + people to use the app?

Download the app, give it a try and give us your feedback. We want to make your training experience safe and efficient and help you find new sports partners. Together we can make sport inclusive again!

More info: 

Find your gay competitor has the support of EGLSF (European Gay and Lesbian Sports Foundation). The app is available on IOS and Android

Find your gay competitor

Who are the creators?

George Kardaras is 49 years old, he is a dentist and works in Athens and is preparing his doctorate in periodontology. He has also been a swimmer for 10 years, representing Greece in all major LGBT + sporting events, such as Gaygames, Eurogames and many local events across Europe. He is a member of EGLSF Europe and represents Greece, as president of the LGBTQI + institution, Alfa Athina Sports Club.

Lambros Kostapappas is a 45-year-old mobile app developer, entrepreneur and lifelong apprentice, currently studying his third BSc in the Maritimes. He is also a member of Positive Voice and of the LGBTQI + institution, Alfa Athina Sports Club.