James Indigo, « The bad bitch » singer give a new pace to the rap music


Native from Great Britain, the gay rap singer, James Indigo, really started his career, in July 2019, after releasing his first song Cxntour. Considering himself as an atypical singer, the artist deals with singular and strong subjects, with such an originality : fetichism, domination, gay sex and religion. At the occasion of the release of his last song, Daddy’s coming home, he talks about his vision of rap music and tell more about who he is.

An interview of James Indigo by Aldric Warnet

Doing rap music is …

a way to express who i am, music makes me happy. I write all my music and i’m very hands on with my art, by creating visuals. Being creative and coming up with new ideas keeps me going.’

I’ve always enjoyed music. I started learning the piano when i was young and i wrote my first song around the age of 10.

Is there any message behind your whole music universe and the subjects you are dealing with ?

Definitely. There’s always a meaning behind all my art. I have had a lot of life experiences that sparks my thoughts and ideas to put into my music. And, fetichism, sex and domination are all things i love and find powerful.

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I was raised in a religious household by my mother so that always stays with me. I always looked up to my mother growing up and i was inspired by her courage and strength.In that way, it really gave me an outlook on women and how powerful women are.

In Cxntour, precisely, you empower women, making men (you in the context of the music song) dominated by them. Is is positive message you send to women, a wink to #metoo movement ?

I believe in equal rights. I believe we all should be treated the same and respected the same, no matter your race, religion or gender.

A lot of music videos always introduce powerful and in-charge men. I wanted to show that there’s plenty of powerful women out there and the LGBTQIA+ community is just as powerful.

Where do you find all this inspiration to create your musical universe ?

In my life experiences and in just living. I get inspired by everything such as sounds, smells, words, colours, sex, humans and animals.

I can walk down the street and see a tree that is shaped differently. It triggers something creative in my brain. It’s hard to explain haha.

You release Cxntour on july 2019, then Daddy’s coming home on february 2020. Why is that ?

I really believe in timing. It didn’t feel right to release a new song straight after Cxntour. I also don’t like to rush my art. I believe everything happens for a reason and we are exactly where we need to be and always follow my gut. It pretty much tells me what to do.”

After the two clips, do you have any other projects ?

I have an EP i can’t wait to release full of brand new songs and amazing visuals. I’ve worked really hard on this upcoming project and i can’t wait to share.

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