The man of the week : Kyle Flath

© Olavo Martins

Architect in the professional life, male-model by passion … Native from São Paulo (Brazil), Kyle Flath didn’t feel very comfortable in expressing himself as a gay teenager and had to work on it. Now, the 44-year-old man proudly showed it by doing modeling and, since January 2020, by sharing hot content on his Onlyfans account.

Is Doing Modeling and sharing nude pictures on your onlyfans profile a way to freely express all parts of your body, your masculinity, your sexual identity ?

Kyle Flath : Sure, that’s one of the things that attracted me to it. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, so showing off my body turns me on.

As an architect, i’m attracted to the aesthetics of the male body. In that way, being able to show my body in sexy poses and positions is a very liberating feeling, which is very pleasurable to me.

By your nude pictures, you seems to provoke fantasy and pleasure on your public. What feelings do you have doing that ?

I like to imagine my public’s reaction, which is 95% male, to my content. That is what goes through my mind when I’m producing it. Knowing that my public is having pleasure and fantasizing about me through my pictures and videos really turns me on.

You seem to be very comfortable in the pictures, both on Instagram and on Onlyfans; Have you ever accepted the man you are right now, physically, or did you work on it until now ?

Not really. I was a very thin teenager. I had to work really hard to gain muscles. It took lots of discipline, training and the right nutrition over the years. There was a time when I was addicted to going to the gym, especially when I started seeing results.

Now I have a more relaxed attitude towards it. But I’ve never stopped working out. It’s become part of my daily life and I guess it will always be.

Finally, being on Onlyfans, what does it bring to you ?

It has been bringing a very rewarding experience, not only financially, but also personally.

It has been a process of self-discovery too. On the outside, I see myself from different angles. And, on the inside, I have the opportunity to express myself and do things I hadn’t imagined myself doing.

© Olavo Martins

Will you do that during your whole life ? Or do you have any other projects for the future ?

Right now it is what I intend to do it for some time. But there are a few things I’m thinking when it comes to my future. One of them is to have an international experience, outside my country, to expand my horizons, you know? I hope I can do it soon.

On the professional side, I’m interested in studying photography, being on the other side of the camera. I guess it’s something I’ll pursue after the lockdown is over.

Eyes on Kyle’s personality, life and interests

Lockdown : I take the opportunity to rest and to work from home. In addition, I focus on my Onlyfans page too, by producing, posting and promoting new content.

An inspirational person : Mateo Lanzi, content creator on Onlyfans.

Favorite singers : Female pop ones : Madonna, Lana del Rey, Pink, and Kylie Minogue.

Favorite movies/tv shows : I love Marvel movies. I’ve watched a few series on Netflix too, such as How to Get Away with Murder, Stranger Things, Lucifer or The Witcher

Discover Kyle Flath on Instagram and on Onlyfans, which you can his content for only 3§ in. Enjoy !