Paul Stag, european director at Treasure Island Media

Paul Stag

Escort, performer, agent, event organizer… Director and head of european operations at Treasure Island Media (TIM), Paul Stag alternates roles in the porn industry. Wearing his many hats makes him a very busy guy And, this same notoriety allowed him to win a lifetime achievement award at the Prowler European Gay Porn Awards, in 2019. For Garçon Magazine, he looks back on his career and more.

Paul Stag, TIM’s ethic is …

Purely and simply to produce the most exciting and realistic unprotected sex possible with all the more normal “sex animals”.

Your porn label is a little over 20 years old…

Indeed. We are so proud of what we have done over the last two decades, our models and stars have been fantastic. TIM is obviously reknowned for barebacking, which is our raison d’être and which appeals to spectators. And today we are the only gay studio with multiple production offices ranging from Mexico City, New York, London, etc.

How do you explain such success?

Much more than a studio. We are a lifestyle, with a great team of professionals that has endured since the days of TIM founder Paul Morris. Since the beginning of TIM, we have advocated freedom of choice, which has allowed us to be at the forefront of Barebacking. 

How does a typical shoot take place?

Our sets are always very hot, there is no directing, just pure, bestial and raw gay sex. Our teams go out of their way to make sure the models have a good time and come back for another shoot.

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I am 100% active. During a shoot, I therefore make sure that my scenes, filmed in real time, as well as my directing style, reflect this well and embody extreme scenes: unwanted rape, simulated chems, “death’s cock”, etc. For this, I always try very aggressive assets who know what they are doing and who are perched like Dumbo. 

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What does it take to be a TIM model? 

The only condition is that a candidate meets the values ​​of TIM. Besides, we are open, regardless of age, ethnicity, body, hair, tattoos, etc. 

Generally, we will find them in the middle of escorts, but also in bars, streets, saunas, backrooms, etc. In short, we don’t need actors, but guys who like to fuck or get fucked.

So, is there a moment in a movie that you enjoy filming more than any other: foreplay, penetration, etc.? Why ?

The blow job. I love that smell of fresh cock. And then, from a technical point of view as well, it is much easier to film than penetration. 

During a shoot, have you ever thought, « I want to be a part of the movie I’m producing and have my sex scene with one of the actors »?

Everytime. Especially when you see a bare ass like Johnny Barewoods, Drew Dixon, Hugh Hunters or Logan Moores up close winking at you. If you’re not interested, you’re probably not gay. 

Finally, is there a fantasy that you have not yet managed to realize or script?

I have plenty of them. A threesome from grandfather to grandson or even anal ejaculations. I would also love to work with real cops, military and rugby players and muscle bears. 

Do you have a little message for our readers, Paul Stag?

Yes. We also love the new faces. So if anyone among you readers wants to become an international pornstar and get paid to fuck other pornstars, they can apply with the «  Become a Model  » button on TreasureIslandMedia.