Giacomo Ponzetta

Giacomo Ponzetta, a “made in Italy” man

Giacomo Ponzetta

Giacomo Ponzetta is an Italian gay man living in London. A loyal Instagram user, he shares his passions and thoughts with his community of followers every day. A way to bring cheerfulness, a feeling that he lacked for a long time and that he has hardly acquired.

For recognition! As soon as we cross his Instagram account, Giacomo Ponzetta, a “made in Italy” man, sociable and who loves pizzas, is all smiles and proud. However, he had to work hard to have this joie de vivre that animates him so much every morning, despite his difference. “When I was younger, I was really shy. Growing up, I realized that I had to be proud of myself first if I wanted someone else to be proud of me.”, confides the Italian, specifying the long process that it took to open up to others and feel included.

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On the physical level, Giacomo has long used sport as “mental therapy” and “to feel good in his body”. Today, he sees his homosexuality as his superpower and no longer needs sports to reach “a six pack” (laughs), only to “stay in shape”. Better yet, he helps his neighbor as best he can. Because, as he points out, «Supporting each other is key”. To find out more about who Giacomo Ponzetta is, he was asked a few questions.

Are you with someone or single, Giacomo Ponzetta?

I have been single for two years now. I have always had long relationships, but I’ve been disappointed too often. Now I focus on myself and quietly wait for love to come along. It is easier.

How is a typical day going for you?

I tend to wake up at least three hours before my work time. I like to have breakfast and get some exercise before starting my workday.

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As soon as I can, I meet up with my friends over a beer after work. Usually, I spend the night at home, in bed with Mr. Netflix.

On your Instagram feed, you publish the representations that certain artists have made of you. Are you proud of this?

More flattered than proud. The idea of ​​someone looking at me for hours on end makes me happy. I am obsessed with the way artists reproduce my eyes.

So, you like sport and art. Do you have other interests?

I love music, too. I could not live without my airpods. Lately, I discovered my attraction for opera. It shakes me so much that it makes me cry.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, is life easy?

On the contrary, it is difficult, especially during confinement where I was mostly alone. My family lives in Italy and it is sometimes difficult to think of the distance and not being able to support them in any way.

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