Nick Mesh

Nick Mesh enters the intimacy of bodybuilders

Nick Mesh

Nick Mesh recently released a new photo book, One Good Book 1. In HOT color shots, the photographer honors bodybuilders in their deepest intimacy… and nudity.

Sensitive soul, go away ! In his love for bodybuilders, Nick Mesh has released a new photo book, One Good Book 1. Like an eroticized and sexualized work of art from another time, he exposed male bodies in an intimate and benevolent setting with this work. «Making a book is a long job. I choose the photos carefully, add and remove some, correct the colors and fill the pages with the photos and models to congratulate them.” He explains. The result: Men are often completely naked, proudly displaying their shapes and genitals. Magnificent!

A well-built journey

Since the start of his career in photography, Nick Mesh has never stopped photographing muscular men. During the first years, he notably took pictures for his close friends and comrades. When he got into photography professionally, he tried to find models likely to pose for him in every place he used to be, icnluding gyms. A great opportunity that allowed him to photograph dozens of men throughout his career: Iron Stanly, Stas Dellzzy, Den Malchenko, Valdemar Santana, Andrew Phillip, David Lurs, etc.

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Consecration of his work, he has produced many photo books over the years, including In Strict Confidence, Morning Woods, Lust and Unrestrained. Today, the latest project, One Good Book 1, is a source of pride for the photographer, which has enabled him to produce models of quality, daring, courageous and confident. And he does not intend to stop there since he plans to publish a series of books for One Good Book. “Lots of images are ready to go on paper, posters and art products, all available on his online store.”, he concludes. Divine! For Boy Magazine, Nick Mesh answered a few questions.

Nick Mesh
Courtesy : Nick Mesh

How is a photoshoot going with you?

It is an unforgettable adventure. I show all my models that they can trust me by being honest, open, friendly, and caring. In this way, the model will be more relaxed and natural, and will trust me, thus achieving the best results.

I usually follow my gut or, as I like to say, the intuitive shooting. By doing it this way, the photoshoot is more productive, and I usually get unexpected and original shots.

You are talking about trust. How do you give it to them?

First, I never force the models to pose, they are free to do so or not. Sometimes some of them say “no” to me out of fear of the reactions of their family and friends, but generally it is okay for them. In this, I am proud of their qualities as role models, but also of their courage, their daring, and their confidence.

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Some men love modeling so much that they happen to pose both naked and dressed when it is not planned. In front of the camera, the most exciting is to see how a shy guy can turn into a crazy sex animal, ready to make his most hidden desires come true.

Is it easy for them to pose naked for us if they accept?

At first, the models are a little nervous, especially when it is their first time. For this, I am alone with each of them during a photo shoot. After a cup of coffee or a protein shake, I take close-up portraits and debrief on the moment we are going to spend.

The more pictures I take, the more his anxiety disappears. So much so that she is completely gone when he is shirtless, and he feels comfortable. Undressing completely then becomes natural.

Is a photo shoot with you spontaneous or prepared?

Both. Before every photoshoot, you can never tell what angle, pose, or lighting would work best for a particular model. I always have ideas in mind or sketches under my arm, but everything can change during the shoot.

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I love guys who can bring their own ideas to the shoot. Working with models who can make their bold ideas come true is a great gift and a great pleasure.

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