Joey Zauzig, digital entrepreneur

Joey Zauzig

Joey Zauzig is a digital entrepreneur, caught between New York and Los Angeles. As soon as he has free time, the young man shares his daily life and his passions on his Instagram account. It’s a way for him to show his pride in being a gay man. 

With confidence! As soon as we reach his Instagram account, Joey Zauzig proudly displays his body and the colors of his community [gay, ed]. However, this acceptance is the fruit of a long work of confidence in him, as well on the physical level and dress as personal. “Some of the hardships I have gone through in life have helped me grow as a person and become who I am today.”, confides the young entrepreneur. Now proud of his career, he intends to share his past experiences and be a source of inspiration, “in the hope that it helps everyone”. All this so that everyone can surpass themselves, feel good in their body and have more self-confidence, as they did. 

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Like an open book, Joey Zauzig publishes everyday photos on his Instagram account, both good and bad times. “I try to share my life as it is to my followers as if they were my friends.”, expresses the entrepreneur. On Tik-Tok, a social network he has recently been using, he makes short videos with the aim of expanding his community. “People have been fortunate enough to see me in three different ways so far.”, he confides. At the associative level, the young man is committed to The Trevor Project. “I help people who are having difficulty coming out on their platform.” He says of the first association. Likewise, the entrepreneur works alongside theorganization Aliforney Center. Subsequently, Joey Zauzig intends to continue his momentum with lots of projects in mind. “2021 promises to be fun!”, he rejoices. We can’t wait to find out. 

Joey Zauzig’s message to Boy Magazine readers:

“If you want pure entertainment, with the best videos and tips, follow me on Tik-Tok, Instagram and YouTube. »

How is a typical day going for you, Joey Zauzig?

I train every morning at nine o’clock, the only thing that stays constant in my life. The best thing about my job is that I never get bored. It’s always, evolving, what I like the most.

Is there an aspect of your physique or your personality that you are proud of?

My sympathy and my altruism, mainly. Afterwards, I’m proud of everything about me, both physically and mentally. 

Is there any ​​interest you can’t live without? 

Apple TV for sure and all on HBO. I also love to play tennis. I wish I had been better than I am now, but I’m doing my best to make it happen.

In ten years, how do you see yourself?

Joey x 100 and still evolving. I wish I would be on the cover of GQ too.

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