Bastian Castillo

Bastian Castillo, Garçon Magazine’s man of the week

Bastian Castillo
© Lars Gehrlein

Model originally from Berlin, Bastian Castillo has been built over the years and through clichés. This experience allowed him to gain confidence and acceptance of his body and his emotions. Today, he fully enjoys his identity, which he puts at the service of his community. He confides. 

Tell us a bit about yourself, Bastian Castillo?

I love video games, food, creating art, working as a model, meeting and working with people. I play sports and travel (but never been to space, laughs). And, my favorite character in Mario Kart is Toadette. 

In what circumstances did you start modeling? 

It happened accidentally in 2018. At the time, a friend asked me to help some of his photographer friends with a video. As a thank you, they took a picture of me, I found the result very good.

I was like, « Hey, let’s not try to hide it. » And, quickly, I created an account at certain modelpages and started my Instagram. They’ve grown more and more to where I am now. Witnessing this growth makes me really proud.

© Sven Serkis

Do you choose the photographers for each shoot you are in? 

It’s 50/50. I like photographers or creative people who have their own artistic and aesthetic style. If they’re serious and passionate, I don’t care if they’ve been doing photography for two weeks or 10 years.

I am always very honored to collaborate with photographers who feel inspired by my work, to exchange my ideas with them and to see what is possible.

How do you approach a shoot? 

It depends on what kind of ideas we could work on. If there is a loose plan, I bring everything related to it to make a nice addition: clothes, objects, etc. If there is no real plan, I think about what we could experiment or add to the aesthetics of the photographer’s work. 

I am very expressive in the photos, so I can look fierce and strong or I can look arrogant and bored. I also really like to smile (I could smile every time) which makes the photos look more natural. 

Bastian Castillo
© Udo Tenebrafer

The images you have represented are very colorful. By this, do you want to show that life is better with colors than black and white? 

I love the colors! This is the strain that is the most inspiring. I like to wear colorful clothes. I also enjoy using black and white from time to time. 

In our daily life, we are already surrounded by a lot of grayish colors, very sad, very monotonous. I really enjoy putting color in everyday life. 

Recently, you sent a message of love to the LGBTQIA + community, with the series “Love”. In this sense, is art the best way to show this activism? 

It’s great to be able to combine the two elements, yes. I love supporting my community and trying to show that I am proud of it. The “Picture The Love” project is not necessarily aimed at the LGBTQIA + community, but at almost all humans. 

Loving something is already a challenge for many of us. So, in 2020, we should not stop thinking positively and above all spreading love to everyone. Everyone deserves it. 

© Tony Stewart

The final word on your personality, Bastian Castillo?

“More steak than sauce”. It means I don’t take myself very seriously.